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09-01 / 15:44


Just a friendly reminder that my Beatles family has some free spots & you should totally join.

The Snow Queen to Frozen


rememberingwalt’s get to know me(me) - 10/10 characters

Hiro - Big Hero 6 (2014)


My lovely sister did my makeup!

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Behind the Scenes of “All About That Bass” +

How are skinny girls supposed to feel love when your song is about loving only fat bodies?

I’m sorry, but how are fat girls supposed to feel when every advertisement, be it on television or in a magazine, when nearly every movie, shows only thin women? I am completely against body shaming, but the fact remains that there is very little positive representation for bigger girls. Thin women are considered the norm and are far more accepted and you see them everywhere you look in the media. So please, don’t take this the wrong way, but please just let me have a song that makes me, for once, feel good about my body.

ive also noticed that people always focus on one particular line of this song which apparently makes it “skinny shaming”


but nobody ever acknowledges the following lines?


the main theme of the song is giving love to larger women because larger women are so commonly shamed for their bodies, ignored by the media and generally given less love and acceptance than thinner women, but the song in its entirety is a message that all women are beautiful. People are failing to acknowledge that


Main Street USA, 1955. Via Gorillas Don’t Blog

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